10000+ Amazing Cool Facts

A compilation of 10000+ Amazing Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind. A must have iPhone app that is not only fun to use but also amazes you with lot of new facts across various categories.

The various categories of facts that the app includes
** Albert Einstein
** Chocolate
** Animals
** Birds
** Babies
** Cars
** Books and Author
** Cricket
** Dreams
** English
** Foods
** Music
** Planets
** Plants and Trees
** Microsoft
** Sun
** Sea and Ocean
** Water
** And A Lot More..!

The App is free and can be used in offline also. Please try this app and mail your suggestions for further improvement of the App. We are working hard to add more categories in upcoming days.

Download the app from 

Download 10000+ Amazing Facts

Download 10000+ Amazing Facts


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10000+ Amazing Cool Facts for your iPhone

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10000+ Amazing Facts for your iPhone

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