Starting with JPA with JBoss and MySQL


Environment JBoss 7.1.1 MySQL 5.5 Note: Make sure the datasource is configured properly. Visit the post ( to find out how to configure datasource. Step 1: Configure persistence.xml Create a file called persistence.xml and add the following content Make sure the datasource name matches the datasource configured in JBoss Step 2: Create your bean Create the bean which you would like to persist @Entity … [Read more...]

Adding MySQL data source to JBoss 7.X

Today I spent almost 4-5 hours figuring how to configure MySQL for JBoss. Since I am new to JEE world it was a real struggle for me. So hopefully this post will help newbies like me... Download and extract  JBoss v7.1.1 (Download URL : Download and install MySQL (Download URL : Download MySQL JDBC driver (Download URL: Step 1 - Copy JDBC driver to JBoss … [Read more...]

Android Marketplace APIs

Google known for releasing API for every service it offers has still not opened up their marketplace for the developers. There is no official API to access the marketplace and execute a search. But I came across this interesting project that uses the protobuf (The protocol that Google uses for almost all structured data communication). This is a Java implementation of the unofficial marketplace APIs and the site also has links to projects on … [Read more...]