Top 3 Free Finance Calculator for Android


There are many financial calculator applications available for Android and iOS devices. I tried handful of them and providing my review here on the top 3 free finance calculator for Android devices that I liked and would recommend for others. 1. EMI Calculator Free (Rating: 4.0/5) Download Link :     Though the name is bit misleading this application is more than just an EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) calculator. The best thing about this app that … [Read more...]

Download Free Thirukkural Mobile Application

  The following are the features of the application ✔ Thirukural with meaning in both Tamil and English ✔ Option to set Thirukural Widget in your home screen ✔ Option to add Kural as favorite ✔ Daily notification of Kural of the day. ✔Explanation by the following scholars கலைஞர் உரை மு.வ உரை சாலமன் பாப்பையா உரை பரிமேலழகர் உரை மணக்குடவர் உரை Tirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள் also known as the Kural) is a classic Tamilsangam literature consisting of 1330 couplets … [Read more...]

Life In The UK Test


1. Overview Life in the UK Test is part of your application for citizenship or settlement. You’ll be tested on your knowledge of British traditions and customs. Who should take the test You have to take the Life in the UK Test if you’re aged 18 to 65 and wish to become a British citizen. You don’t have to take it again if you’re applying to become a citizen and already passed it as part of your settlement application. Fee The fee for the test is £50. If you pass the … [Read more...]

Eclipse Error : contains native libraries that will not run on the device

Few days back I wanted to try Crittercism's NDK library and ended up facing the following error in Eclipse after following exactly the same steps given on their site. The library 'crittercism_v4_5_1_ndk.jar' contains native libraries that will not run on the device. The following libraries were found: - assets/armeabi-v7a/ - assets/armeabi/ This error could be avoided by the following Steps. Eclipse Preference … [Read more...]

Disable CellBroadcast in Cyanogenmod

The problem started last week when I started receiving Cell Broadcast alerts non stop all day. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S2 and was running on latest version of Cynogenmod. After searching in some Android forums I found a way to disable all kinds of cell broadcast by using  option in Message application. Message->Menu->Cell Broadcast Even after doing so the problem did not go away. Finally after lot of searching I found a way to disable CellBroadcast in Cyanogenmod. Use Terminal … [Read more...]

Handling Home Key in Android

I recently came across "Todler lock" application which had lot of interesting features. One of the most intriguing feature was handling  of Home key event. 1.Create a Activity Alias We use Activity alias in order to programmatically enable or disable home screen launcher. An alias of an activity acts as an independent entity and intent filters that are not in the original activity can be added. Declare your activity and declare an alias for your activity with the following intent … [Read more...]

Saving bitmap buffer as bitmap image


Eclipse Memory Analyzer doesn’t provide option to view a bitmap buffer directly. Try the following steps that will allow you to save the bitmap buffer as a bitmap image that you can view using any image viewer. 1. Select the bitmap buffer that you would like to Save 2. Save the buffer to your computer Select the Location in your computer where you would like to save the buffer file. You can give any name and extension 3. Enable inspector view in Eclipse Once you have saved the … [Read more...]

Fixing Bitmap memory leaks in Android

The biggest hurdle for Android developers is memory leaks. Especially if you are using a lot of images you tend to see memory leaks more often. Android internally handles the images as Bitmaps so even if the images used are optimized or of low quality it takes the same amount of memory. For example an image of size 800X600 takes 4 bytes per pixel which means the size will be 1.8 MB (4*800*600 = 1920000 bytes) whereas the same image will be 200 KB – 600 KB based on the quality of the image. If … [Read more...]

Starting with JPA with JBoss and MySQL


Environment JBoss 7.1.1 MySQL 5.5 Note: Make sure the datasource is configured properly. Visit the post ( to find out how to configure datasource. Step 1: Configure persistence.xml Create a file called persistence.xml and add the following content Make sure the datasource name matches the datasource configured in JBoss Step 2: Create your bean Create the bean which you would like to persist @Entity … [Read more...]

Android Marketplace APIs

Google known for releasing API for every service it offers has still not opened up their marketplace for the developers. There is no official API to access the marketplace and execute a search. But I came across this interesting project that uses the protobuf (The protocol that Google uses for almost all structured data communication). This is a Java implementation of the unofficial marketplace APIs and the site also has links to projects on … [Read more...]