Free Sistrix Alternative for SEO

Sistrix is a very useful SEO tool that comes handy not only for SEO professionals but also for individual developers and website owners who would like to improve their website ranking. The downside of Sistrix is that it is not a free to use tool and this page aims to collect all the free alternative tools that developers can use without burning a hole in the pocket. … [Read more...]

Broadcom wireless not working and apply changes doesn’t do anything

If you have recently installed Ubuntu and wondering why wireless doesn't show in network then it could be that your device is Broadcom and proper driver is not installed. You can try installing the driver by going to System Settings -> Softwares & Updates -> Additional Drivers tab. You can select the Broadcom device and click on Apply Changes. If clicking on Apply changes doesn't do anything make sure the system is connected to internet. When on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS I was not able … [Read more...]

Authorizing application with Google Drive

A 3rd Party application can be authorized to use Google Drive for various reasons for example allowing a Wordpress plugin to upload a backup to GDrive or updating stock price in a Google drive spreadsheet. 1. Create Client ID and Secret Key Go to the URL and accept the terms and conditions (if this is your first time).    2. You can create a new client ID by entering the following details 3. Copy the client ID and Secret Key and enter it … [Read more...]