Fixing Bitmap memory leaks in Android

The biggest hurdle for Android developers is memory leaks. Especially if you are using a lot of images you tend to see memory leaks more often. Android internally handles the images as Bitmaps so even if the images used are optimized or of low quality it takes the same amount of memory. For example an image of size 800X600 takes 4 bytes per pixel which means the size will be 1.8 MB (4*800*600 = 1920000 bytes) whereas the same image will be 200 KB – 600 KB based on the quality of the image.
If you are facing frequent Out Of Memory errors then the first handy tool will be DDMS and Memory Analyzer tool (MAT).

Whenever you take memory dump you could see that there are bitmaps held in heap but most of the time you will not be able to find which image exactly the bitmap instance holds. MAT doesn’t provide an easy way to view the bitmap image held in a bitmap objects.
You can do the following steps to view the image in the bitmap buffer.

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