PNR Status Notifier

PNR Status Notifier allows you to check Indian railway ticket (IRCTC) status using the PNR number and also keeps you informed of the waiting list status at an interval that you can configure. So stop worrying about your waiting list status and enjoy your travel.

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LIC India

LIC India (now with premium calculator!) allows you to view list of insurance policies you have with Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).


1. You can view the details of each LIC policy you hold,
2. View the next premium dates for each policy.
3. You can add premium due dates of each Policy to your calendar so that you don’t miss your premium payment.
4. View the total policy dues for each month in the current year along with year’s total premium amount.
5. Calculate premium for any policy.

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India eGold eSilver Live Price

Now get the live price of e-platinum, e-Gold, e-Silver, e-nickel and other commodities of spot market. The price refreshes every 30 seconds and displays the change in the price by displaying the price in different background color.

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