Top 3 Free Finance Calculator for Android

There are many financial calculator applications available for Android and iOS devices. I tried handful of them and providing my review here on the top 3 free finance calculator for Android devices that I liked and would recommend for others.

1. EMI Calculator Free (Rating: 4.0/5)

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Download EMI Calculator


Though the name is bit misleading this application is more than just an EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) calculator. The best thing about this app that I did not find in any other app is that it not only allows you to calculate EMI for given Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Tenure but also allows you to calculate any of these parameters by providing value for other parameters.

For example you can calculate your loan eligibility by entering the Interest Rate, Tenure and the EMI that you could afford. The app also has the loan repayment details in a table and chart format.

Loan (EMI) Calculator


In addition to the Loan Calculation the application also has some nice additional features such as

Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator

Allows you to calculate the maturity amount for fixed deposit. The user can enter the tenure in months or days or combination of both. The app also supports various options for Frequency of compounding.


Recurring Deposit (RD) Calculator

Allows user to compute the maturity amount for recurring deposit. The user can enter the monthly installment, Rate Of Interest, Tenure (again in months) and select the compounding frequency. The application also provides the Effective Yield value for both Fixed and Recurring deposit.



Rate Of Returns (RoR) Calculator

Rate of Returns calculator allows to calculate the actual growth rate of savings by entering the invested amount, the maturity amount and the tenure.



  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Good UI with pleasing colors


  • No option to share the computation
  • No option to compare 2 calculations
  • Would be good to have more calculations like percentage, Tip calculators.

Overall the app performance well and is a must have app for any Android users. We hope the developers fix the cons we have mentioned and release an updated version pretty soon.


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