Difference between UI and UX


The most common misconception we come across in the workplace, in client meetings or even in the Job listings is that the terms UI and UX are interchanged and used in the wrong context. Though both the terms look and spell alike there is a substantial difference in the overall objective and scope.

User Interface (UI) is a medium of communication between a person and a system. UI encompasses approaches and elements that allows the user to interact with the system. In other terms UI can be considered as the most powerful tool that designer use to bring out a great user experience.

On the other hand User Experience (UX) is:

  • The overall experience
  • A combination of various interface, UI being an important one among it.
  • Thrives to address everything perceived by a person


A UI designer can only solve a part of the equation by creating tools such as images, icons, text but the user experience is much larger than that and is influenced by a multitude of things such as functional performance, color scheme, ease of use etc. Hence for an organization it is very important to understand the basic difference between the two roles and hiring the right candidate with proper skill set.

Last but not the least…

This is what happens when you let a developer play the role of UI/UX designer



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